We’re all going to die, therefore it shouldn’t cost the earth……..

2017 24th November. I’m 70 in a few days and as I have been in the ‘Death Industry’ and know a bit about funeral directors, I’m going to stick my neck out (as usual…) In 20 years, I don’t think I have ever met a poor funeral director, and one I know has the biggest fleet of Rolls Royce’s in the world and 27+ branches [and he’s a prick]

‘They’ say the average funeral in the UK costs “£3897” which is not only expensive for a bereaved partner, perhaps an older pensioner with more important bills to cover, but it is both an un-expected tragedy carrying an expected moral dilemma piled on top of loving grief.

Just recently, I heard, that it if a body is requested to be “disposed of” [cremated] the actual costs can be less than £1000, but that if anyone wishes to attend a ceremony – then it becomes a funeral and the costs then escalate. It does show however, that ‘disposal’ [cremation] could well be afforded by either the Local Borough Council or the State, and if that is the case, I think it should be undertaken at cost (no profit at all) by the UK Government from taxes.

I’m not unfeeling, I’m being matter-of-fact and I fully realise that death is a terribly sad  inevitability, but as it is totally unavoidable, and everyone has to consider their financial circumstances – then is it too much to ask the taxpayer to help relieve the huge financial costs brought on by a completely natural event and at least pay for ‘simple disposal’.

Cold hearted and logical, I’ll be dead and will not know. You may ask “why don’t you pay into a funeral plan?” You may think it a moral duty to ‘See Off’ a friend, a neighbour or family member – but all that has a cost and in most cases a PROFIT (a mystical high one at that!!)…. I’m not at all trying to put funeral directors out of business, or in deed shadow their services, after all, they run a business and have a duty to pay decent wages in a bizarre profession. What I am trying to do is highlight the inevitability of death and IF? it can be paid for – after all the taxes any worker has handed over, then I think it should be paid for as a National Service.

If anyone can afford a big affair, (say) horses and a Victorian Carriage, or a huge party, or wish to make it an important ‘send-off’ – then fine. But in the main, the costs can be crippling for an already stretched state pension, or for anyone out-of-work or simply a poor family.

This will be my campaign. I’d like to find an MP or a group that understands the situation enough to propose perhaps a few things to the Government …….

  • An index linked, death payment by the State of say £1000
  • A hardship allowance for those agreeing to immediate disposal.
  • Perhaps if organ donation has been agreed – a payment by the beneficiaries
  • If the deceased was a pensioner, 1 years full ‘State Pension’ continuing following death.

The Office of National Statistics stated “in 2016 there were 525,048 deaths recorded in the the UK” surely £500 Million is ‘small change’ to the UK now we are heading out of the EU.

At the time of writing, The UK National Debt stands at £1.56 Trillion. Servicing this massive debt costs the taxpayer £30 Billion each year (about 5% of tax income).

I’d love it if someone could comment on this subject, or if an MP could discuss matters with me, or if we could organise a petition (with facts) to have it discussed in parliament.



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