The reasons why Farewell-Innovators exists…..

For the past 15 years there have been many changes and various styles of OUR own websites.  Seemingly the life and content of websites is being scrutinised constantly by the God of all Search Engines – Google, and if they don’t like something, or they get the wrong impression – it can be disastrous.

It’s not too bad if you have a wide aged contact base within which you are established, or you have a shop, or other means of making your existence known. But if you rely on the Internet as we do,  your website has to be regularly updated, refreshed and your SEO (search engine optimisation) has to be as good as it can be.

Being a (should I say?) bizarre product in a morbid business profile has its limitations. If people don’t even know something exists (because it’s a new invention or because its a new concept) how are they to decide what they want if they don’t even know what to put in a Google search bar?

Google is pretty good at interpreting what YOU are entering, but with the lesser known search engines on perhaps other browsers, it’s not simple or logical as you may think.

DEATH, dying, deceased, CREMATION, burial, coffins, shrouds, flowers, urns, death-cafe’s etc; are just some of the SEO trigger words which may bring your website into view.

You (perhaps like Phoenix Memorial Diamonds) may be the only business doing what you wish to do. You may be one of just a few in the whole world – making, selling, distributing bizarre products which may be ideal within the ‘Death’ Industry – if only the buying public, the bereaved, the planners knew you existed.

You need not be on your own, unknown, under utilized – become a partner (for want of any better word) within ‘Farewell Innovators’.  You may have already (and we assume want) a website. Perhaps it’s very simple or even sophisticated, but our industry [The Death Industry] is a wacky one, with weird ideas, established services, years and years of protocol, so when the bereaved are searching they may well simply miss you. JOIN US

The very reason we exist, is to join together (at least) 25 specialists dealing with ‘DEATH’, grief, death products, services, ideas, wacky funerals, funeral products – anything that sits well with all of us.

On our website ‘‘ (note NOT you will see a page about Membership Invitation, have a read, decide if it’s worth a listing with us. Think about how much more a ‘gang’ of us can offer. You could even make money from the association (ask Mike Kelly)

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