NO Paid Links so don’t worry

Obscure links to and from websites is perhaps a no-no, there has to be some form of connection, so we ask our friends to link to us and visa-versa for good reason

I know that some very keen fans, friends and associates – have held back exchanging links between our many sites. Our Web guys at Katatomic are SEO experts and as such would NOT have any link compromise any of us.  So, I wish to offer an explanation from Alex………

I can understand the concern but I’ve two key responses.

Firstly, here’s a link to a Google video from Matt Cutts. He is one of the big players at Google and his videos and comments are pretty much as close to Google Gospel as one can get.

You can draw your own conclusion but I don’t think what this site or Farewell Innovators suggests falls foul of his guidelines. This isn’t a paid link we’re simply pointing out since you may add a link to your website if you wish there should be a benefit – but the point is to get a single central site which features all the diverse suppliers. The link is simply a small fringe benefit.

Secondly, it is Google’s algorithm which tries to detect “paid links” there certainly aren’t individuals scrutinising page content. I really can’t see any phrase or wording which would imply a paid link. But again, if anyone has any suggestions as to a subtle rewording maybe we should integrate it.

Kind regards
Alex Wilson – Senior Designer

The whole point and main idea of  ‘Farewell Innovators’ is to offer a new approach aimed at the bereaved finding solutions to their different needs, most may have a common thread concerning the products we all offer within the ‘Death Industry’, i.e. Urns, Different types of funerals, Bands, types of hearses, grief, etc:

So guys, please don’t worry about exchanging links to your site. We are not particularly bothered about receiving commission, but we do wish to reward your kindness, efforts, stocking brochures or recommendations.

Mike : Group ceo

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