Membership checklist

What you will need to provide to add a profile

Why Farewell Innovators?

1. The name you trade under

This will be your company name or your own name if you operate as an individual. It will appear as the main title of your profile page and the name which will appear in the site navigation.

2. Sub-title

This needs to be a single sentence. It should be used to provide a short concise summary of what you offer and will appear as a prominent sub-heading on your listing page. It will immediately communicate your services to a visitor.

3. Main profile text

Here you can provide as much text as you like (up to a limit of 2,500 words) to describe all the features of your products or services.

We will need this in an electronic format from which we can cut and paste the text. Any standard word processing or text editor document format should be acceptable (such as Word, Works, Open Office, Notepad, etc.).

There is no minimum quantity of text but we recommend at least 500 words. This is important for two reasons. Firstly, the more comprehensive the description of your offerings the better a potential customer will understand how you can help them. Secondly, the greater the volume of text the more likely visiting search engines will see words and phrases which describe the nature of your business.

On this second point, when writing your profile text do try to be mindful of including good descriptive words and phrases. Search engines will read this text to decide how relevant your profile may be to those performing a search and so the more focused your text is the more improved your chances of being found.

4. Up to five supporting images

You can supply up to five images to help showcase your business. These will be used to create an animated slideshow at the top of your profile page. We can incorporate a small quantity of descriptive text with each (although space is limited so no more than a short sentence for each slide).

You need to supply at least one image but if you don’t have any supporting images your company logo will be fine.

We can accept any standard image format (such as JPG, PNG etc.). The slider has a landscape aspect ratio so we will need images that are landscape shaped and not portrait. They also need to be a minimum of 650 x 360 pixels.

5. Your contact details

Any standard contact details can be incorporated such as address, telephone, email and website URL. These will appear in the right hand column of your profile.

The web address will be an active hyperlink to your website and the email link trigger the visitors’ email client when clicked.

6. Up to ten bullet points

You can provide up to ten bullet points to highlight your key products and services.

These will display prominently in the right and provide visitors with an immediate concise overview of your company.

7. Up to five keywords or phrases

You can provide us with up to five keywords or phrases which best describe your products or services. We will use these to create a “META Description” tag for your profile.

This will not appear on the profile but will be embedded in the code and will be read by visiting search engines such as Google. It is one of the ways the search engine will establish the nature of your content.

8. Your payment

A twelve month profile listing currently costs £149. We will provide details of payment methods when you place your order.