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Why become a member of the Farewell Innovators website?

A primary source of innovative funeral industry suppliers

Innovative funeral industry suppliersOur aim is to be the primary online information centre for alternative funeral and associated suppliers in the UK. Visitors will find all the information they need in a single location and when arriving in search of one aspect of member services may find other complementary products and services which they were completely unaware of prior to their visit.
By becoming a part of the site you will undoubtedly attract new potential customers and a comprehensive directory will be of maximum use to a visitor and stimulate further word of mouth visits and social media posts.


Benefits of a community approach

Benefits of a community approachGenerally speaking most participants in the funeral industry, particularly those with novel and inventive offerings such as ours already enjoy positive friendly relations. We will often recommend one of our peers to a client and likewise receive a referral ourselves.
Such an approach of camaraderie and mutual cooperation is one we hope to mirror in the website. This venture potentially benefits us all and the site reflects a group of likeminded individuals supporting each other for a common goal.


Search engine optimisation benefits for your own website

Search engine optimisationWhilst Google and other mainstream search engines have always valued “backlinks” (i.e. links from other third party websites to yours) they are becoming increasingly critical of the nature of the sites which link to you. Indeed, in many instances websites are now being penalised and ranked poorly because the sites linking to them are perceived as spam sites.
Previously, any incoming link to a site was treated as a sign of popularity and the ranking of that website usually improved as a result. However, many unscrupulous search engine optimisers created spurious web pages simply to create a link. Google has now cracked down on this practice and reviews the content and validity of the site providing the link.

Since the content of our website is not only legitimate but filled with content and keywords associated with funeral related products and services the website link we provide in your profile to own website should contribute to the overall ranking of your site.

The more profiles we add and thus the more incoming and outgoing links to sites of similar content we support the more authoritative our site becomes and consequently the more beneficial the link your profile will provide to you.


Built and maintained by web professionals

Web professionalsThe team behind our site are UK based web design professionals with over fourteen years’ experience building web solutions for a wide variety of businesses including well known blue chip customers and high street brands.


Low cost

Low costFor an annual membership fee of just £149 you get a full profile added to the website.
This includes a page dedicated to your product or service which includes a large text area to describe your company in detail, an animated slideshow of up to six slides which can cycle through promotional images of what you offer, large bullet points to summarise your services, and full contact details including email and website links.


Content guidelines

Content guidelinesTo maximise the benefit of your listing we recommend you provide content which is keyword rich, i.e. has text which describes your key features and services. This is the content which visiting search engines will read and use to catalogue site content so the more representative the words are of your business the more efficacious the listing should be for you. Likewise, we suggest a minimum of 500 words for your main descriptive content. The more information you can provide a prospective customer the better and the larger your listing content the better for search engines. Click for our content guidelines >>


Opportunity to submit news and blog articles

Submit news and blog articlesAs stated earlier in this section the primary goal of this website is for the benefit of us all. The more interesting and informative content we can serve the better the experience of a visitor and the increasingly authoritative nature of the site.
We therefore welcome submission of news articles showcasing new services and products, or indeed your comments and insights into the industry as a whole for inclusion in our blog.