Memorial Wind Chimes

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Encapsulate ashes of a loved one into a crystal windchime

For many years we have been experimenting with the technicalities of encapsulating ashes into glass and crystal for the purposes of manufacturing memorial wind chimes.

An easy task you may think (as we did…) not so. But now, after dozens of failures and many hours of development, our associates (Sanders & Wallace) have perfected the process to produce six beautiful colours of crystal containing the unique and individual ashes of a loved-one.

The ‘icicles’ (for want of a better description) are built into an array of four beautifully coloured hanging crystals – which with just a slight breeze will tinkle to remind you of the memories you have shared with your loved-one over the years.

The shades of crystal ‘icicles’ offered are: Violet, Turquoise, Blue, Green, Amber, and Cranberry.

Each wind chime is hand made by expert glass artisans who incorporate a small amount of ashes during manufacture. The finished array has a wind catcher which can be engraved with the name of your loved one, partner or pet.

Just a small amount of ashes is all that is required (about an egg cup full).

The chimes currently cost £350 for 4 ‘icicles’ (incl. engraving, postage & packing).


Memorial Windchimes
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  • Hand made by expert glass artisans
  • Choose from six colours
  • Only a small amount of ash required