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    • Albarepatriation
      Repatriation Services covering UK and Ireland.
      Call us: 078344 89766
    • Angel HeArt
      Art, Angel blankets & contemporary Mourning Jewellery.
    • AR Twigg
      Quality Funeral and Mortuary Equipment.
      Call us: 0113 256 1194
    • Ash Glass Design
      Handcrafted glass jewellery and art designs incorporating the ashes of your loved one.
      Call us: 01896 850 447
    • Auden Funeral Supplies
      We are the UK's leading manufacturer of funeral equipment.
      Call us: 01924 402 080
    • Avalon Funeral Plans
      Fixed price funeral plans throughout the UK and Europe.
      Call us: 0161 486 2020
    • Barbara Chalmers
      Follow us for tips and advice: from writing your own will to arranging a funeral.
      Call us: 0845 200 1132
    • Bon Voyage Hearse
      An informal alternative for both families and funeral directors.
      Call us: 07443 866051
    • Capsule Urn
      Modern Urns, Keepsakes, and Pet Memorials.
    • CC Grave Care
      We provide grave/memorial care services in and around Manchester.
      Call us: 07503 526 937
    • Charles Cowling
      Talking and thinking dying, death, funerals, grief and commemoration.
      Call us: 01527 595 358
    • Chelsea Hanson
      Grief Expert & Author | Founder of With Sympathy Gifts
    • Cherokee Casket
      Supplier of specialty caskets.
    • Chris Raymond's expert on death, dying, funerals and grief.
    • Clare VW Funerals
      The original one and only VW air-cooled hearse fleet.
      Call us: 02476 399 296
    • Co-op Funeralcare
      The UK's leading funeral director, with over 900 funeral homes across the UK.
      Call us: 0800 088 4883
    • Compare The Coffin
      We offer a coffin & funeral comparison service.
      Call us: 0800 690 6513
    • CPL Funeral Supplies
      Quality, Innovative, Stainless Steel Products for the Funeral Profession...
      Call us: 028 8167 1247
    • Death Network TV
      Documentaries and insights into death and funeral processes.
    • DL Williams Memorials
      Supplying the finest quality memorials at affordable prices.
    • Dying Matters
      Raising awareness and knowledge about death, dying and bereavement.
      Call us: 0800 021 4466
    • Eco Burials
      Environmentally Friendly Funerals
      Call us: 1 866 946 0030
    • Ecoffins
      Ecoffins offer a range of handcrafted and eco-friendly coffins.
      Call us: 01795 830 688
    • ecoLegacy
      Sustainable green alternative to burial & cremation.
      Call us: 353 1 461 0782
    • Eileen Smith
      Leading ceremonies for funerals in Essex, UK.
    • EterniTrees
      Giving families the opportunity to create living, thriving trees from their loved ones.
    • Farewell Photography
      Offering a sincere & respectful service, creating beautiful Memory Books to treasure.
      Call us: 01494 883 025
    • Florist Community Enterprise
      A community enterprise, providing flowers for all occasions to meet your budget.
    • Funeral Business
      Dedicated to the funeral industry.
      Call us: 0800 068 6970
    • Funeral Directory
      The Funeral Directory is a database of funeral related contacts.
    • Funeral Fund
      Family and Friends Coming Together. Donations for Funeral Services.
    • Funeral Insider
      Leading newsletter in the country for death-care professionals.
      Call us: 800 500 4585
    • Funeral Plan Advice
      Funeral advice and Pre-Paid Funeral Planning help.
      Call us: 0844 487 6986
    • Funeral Services Guide
      Life planning, arranging a funeral, remembrance and coping with bereavement.
    • Funerals from Home
      24hr Support for families conducting home funerals.
      Everything You Need to Know about Funerals.
    • Global Memorials
      Manufacturer, importer and distributor of quality memorial products.
    • Graveside Flowers
      The best place to buy premium artificial silk flowers for memorials.
      Call us: 844 477 7297
    • Green Burial Respect
      We offer very select regional Green Burial Parks set to create a lasting legacy.
      Call us: 01427 612 992
    • Green Fuse
      We are Funeral Directors in Devon aiming to help you.
      Call us: 01803 840 779
    • Grief Advice
      Got Questions about Funerals, Death, Grief feel free to ask.
    • Grief Journey UK
      We offer grief education & training for communities and organisations.
      Call us: 01241 873 930
    • Heavenly Hutch
      We believe that giving your pet a pleasant send off is very important to help the healing process.
    • Help With Probate
      Help for families and bereavement professionals.
      Call us: 0800 0246 121
    • Hyphenalia
      When someone dies it shouldn’t be the end of their story.
      Call us: 01732 365 130
    • Ideal Death Show
      Find Meaning in Mortality at the Ideal Death Show.
      Call us: 01202 551 257
    • In the Light Urns
      We're here to help after losing a loved one.
      Call us: 001 559 561 1031
    • Inspired Goodbyes
      Providing uniquely comforting bereavement gifts to funeral directors and families.
      Call us: 0161 667 5760
    • J & J Maintenance
      The UK's Leading Funeral and Mortuary Repair Specialists.
      Call us: 07876 233363
    • James Simmonds
      Harmony Funeral Care funeral director Walsall and Coventry
    • Jenny D Sullivan
      Friendly, honest funeral professional.
    • Kane Funeral Services
      Fully Independent and True to Its Values
      Call us: 0161 282 8793
    • Kevin Coyne Funeral
      Funerals are about celebrating the life that was lived.....
      Call us: 440 942 0700
    • Kirsty Louise Bell
      Funeral Arranger
    • KL Funeral Service
      Hock Thai Casket Funerals.
      Call us: 0112 3462188
    • Limos For Sale
      We work with buyers and sellers of fine Limousines all over the US & Canada.
      Call us: 866 546 0011
    • Lovingly Managed
      End of Life planners/bereavement co-ordinators.
      Call us: 01446 774 855
    • Memento Stationery
      Specialists in Funeral Stationery.
      Call us: 0191 500 58 74
    • Memorial Diamonds
      The only UK based manufacturer of memorial diamonds.
      Call us: 0800 141 2254
    • Memory Cloud
      The brand new way to remember your loved ones and share their lives.
    • Memoryhuddle
      Create an everlasting online profile for a loved one.
    • Mitchum Wilson Funeral Home
      We offer unique opportunities for families to create healing moments after loss.
      Call us: 215 463 8140
    • Mobi Medical Supply
      Supplies medical equipment and mortuary supplies around the world.
      Call us: 1 800 577 4851
    • More to Death
      Free E-magazine of The Natural Death Centre Charity
      Call us: 01962 712 690
    • Nancy Burban
      Funeral Professional
    • National Funeral Directors Association
      We are the leading and largest association for the funeral service profession.
      Call us: 800 228 6332
    • Natural Death Centre
      Educational charity that sees death as normal part of life.
      Call us: 01962 712 690
    • New Horizon Funeral Chapel And Cremation
      Offering full Traditional Burial, and Cremation Services.
    • Oldham Funeral Home
      Making  Difficult times a little easier for you.
      Call us: 1 866 683 2419
    • Order Of Service Online
      We provide an easy to use and fast tool for online creations of Order of Service's.
      Call us: 01256 406 629
    • Overton Funeral Home
      Allow us to help you Celebrate & Commemorate the Life & Legacy of your beloved.
      Call us: 1 757 539 4861
    • Patricia Webster
      Member of Fellowship of Professional Celebrants.
      Call us: 07815 933109
    • Resting Tributes
      Funeral Director led online tributes to remember the lives of lost loved ones.
    • RIP Last Impression
      TFF celebrates and honours the lives of the famous and not so famous.
    • Sarah Mullins (H)
      Licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer for the state of GA
    • Secure Haven
      Safe Storage for Treasured Ashes
      Call us: 01277 353 776
    • Simply Funeral Catering
      Specialist Funeral Catering company based in Chesham
      Call us: 01442 875 831
    • Singers for Funerals
      Singers for Funerals: professional opera singers who do what it says on the tin!
      Call us: 01252 511 762
    • Spirare
      Create a free memorial, a place for friends and family to share memories.
    • Statlas
      We work with Funeral Directors to help them understand their local market.
    • The Coffin Company
      A comprehensive range of Coffins, as well as Bespoke Coffins.
      Call us: 01670 775 047
    • The Coffin Maker
      Never to early to PRE ORDER, your custom made solid wood coffin.
    • The Funeral Company
      Specialist Funeral Concierge TM, arrangers, trainers, educators & social media experts.
    • The Funeral Source
      We offer a virtual encyclopedia of funerary information.
    • TickTockBox
      It's your life.
    • TombFinder
      Using technology to easily pinpoint your loved one’s grave.
      Call us: 805 253 1277
    • White Rose Ceremonies
      Personalised Civil Ceremonies that are as unique as you are!
      Call us: 07725 795316
    • Yvonne Roberts
      Independent Civil Celebrant for ALL Your Ceremony Needs around Medway.
      Call us: 07788 791 677
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