A ‘Death List’ score for assisted dying – discussion

Currently [20170320] there is much discussion about ‘Assisted Dying’ and even a court test case for ‘Dignity in Dying‘ to test the UK law which seems to be against International Human Right [to die].  A short link is here -> Noel Conway.  If you tweet, here is Noel’s handle @noel_conway, Noel is raising funding to pay for court costs via ‘CrowdFunding‘ – we’ll add more about Noel to this blog later……….

It’s my life……

This year, I will be 70.  I think that I’m in reasonably good health, the odd twinge here and the odd stiff joint there, but reasonably compos mentis. Now, under the current laws, it is an offense to assist dying. I suppose that can be argued as being fair, but somehow such ‘assistance’ as requested by (say) a terminally ill person – should not in my opinion be seen as a crime.

I’m going to be blunt : This is my life and I will chose when I ‘GO’ – legally or illegally. I would prefer it however if I didn’t have to defend this way of thinking…… I’ll explain…….

There are many reasons why people wish to kill themselves, but in the case of  ‘Old Age’ quite simply, some bodies are wearing out, and ‘life’ – a way of living, loving, playing and enjoying happiness – and may I also suggest – even a shared life with a loving partner, can become intolerable. But, to what level of intolerance? What is the triggering point or triggering level? So, this is the aim of  MY own ‘Death List’ – and a list that anyone can copy and devise to assist their own ‘departure’..

Let’s say I have a stroke. Not a mild one, but a massive debilitating one, into “cabbage’ status, can’t go to the toilet and can’t wipe my own bottom. Can’t feed myself , can’t move, can’t really communicate…… I would wish my partner (or designated ‘assistant’) to simply give me the ‘Black Pill’…… not in Switzerland, not in a hospice – at HOME, or at least in a place where ‘goodbye’s can be assured and that they truly exist and for all practicable purposes [dealing with the dead body, funeral, offering ones body to science, organ donation, et al].

Personally, I would not wish MY stroke to wreck my partners life. Ageing lovers perhaps tolerate (ha ha ha) each other, their weird foibles and idiosyncrasies. But seriously – for her (or my sons) to have to become a full-time carer, tied by conscience or a sense of duty. I really would wish to ‘GO’, it’s really as simple as that. But what happens if there is still a sign of a ‘life’ (a life in the eyes of hippy liberals or do-gooders may not be my idea of a life worth living). What happens if the sum total of ‘ailments’ add up to a pre-concluded score?

So this is where my own list has already started (in the form of a spreadsheet). I have discussed it, but it’s seen as a joke…”nobody should be thinking like you are, you’re reasonably healthy and active”…. Perhaps  so – but only in their eyes. If the various ‘problems’ [say- blindness to the point of unhappiness or not being able to drive. Pain on a minor score between 1 – 10 is at level 9, and all the ‘problems’ and ailments that aged people find intolerable…] if the score was OVER a per-determined level and a minor stroke stopped communication, the ‘assister’ should have no guilt in actually assisting in the requested departure – irrespective if doctors suggested a recovery was quite possible [but recovery to what level??].

I’m currently quite capable of discussing this ‘Death List’, I don’t think it is weird, dark, gruesome, but as it is not current practice, I’m open to the pro’s and con’s….  Please comment

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