We’re all going to die, therefore it shouldn’t cost the earth……..

2017 24th November. I’m 70 in a few days and as I have been in the ‘Death Industry’ and know a bit about funeral directors, I’m going to stick my neck out (as usual…) In 20 years, I don’t think I have ever met a poor funeral director, and one I know has the biggest […]

A ‘Death List’ score for assisted dying – discussion

Currently [20170320] there is much discussion about ‘Assisted Dying’ and even a court test case for ‘Dignity in Dying‘ to test the UK law which seems to be against International Human Right [to die].  A short link is here -> Noel Conway.  If you tweet, here is Noel’s handle @noel_conway, Noel is raising funding to […]

Death is forever unforgiving of friends

Robin Williams once quoted “I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel all alone.” If you are the one that is always calling, visiting and writing to ‘friends’ and they never […]

NO Paid Links so don’t worry

Obscure links to and from websites is perhaps a no-no, there has to be some form of connection, so we ask our friends to link to us and visa-versa for good reason I know that some very keen fans, friends and associates – have held back exchanging links between our many sites. Our Web guys […]

The reasons why Farewell-Innovators exists…..

For the past 15 years there have been many changes and various styles of OUR own websites.  Seemingly the life and content of websites is being scrutinised constantly by the God of all Search Engines – Google, and if they don’t like something, or they get the wrong impression – it can be disastrous. It’s […]

Farewell Innovators

it has been a while in the planning a development but the new website has finally launched. We are a group of like minded individuals and businesses offering a wide variety of ‘death industry’ related services. The Farewell Innovators website serves as a showcase for these products and services.

The red poppies

The red poppies is a logo currently used on the bottom of Phoenix Diamonds letterheads and stationary. It is offered to our members to use as they wish to publicise their involvement with this group of ‘Farewell Innovators’.