About us

The concept behind our website

Conceived by Louise Harris a few years ago, 25 like-minded individuals working in their own way within the ‘Death Industry’ met for the first time at a venue in Birmingham.

The meeting was a great success, but the discussed website never really materialized until now. It is hoped that the original friends will join this embryonic gang and expand the ideas which brought us about in the first place.

Far from being morbid, funerals now are becoming more of a celebration of a life rather than a memorium of the deceased. Of course, “death and taxes are the only certainties of the living” and it will come to us all eventually, but we need to remember a loved-one for the many good reasons and ‘sending them off’ can be a tribute to their existence.

Whether it be burial, cremation or promession, a loved-one’s life and death can be especially dealt with and recognised in many novel ways…… Floral displays, a brass band, carriage in motorcycle hearse, a white VW, many different coffins, photographs and videos, locks of hair into jewellery, ashes into space, into fireworks, scattered at sea, inside glassware, pottery, pictures, jewellery and diamond keepsakes…. to name but a few.

Each of these ‘specialists’ have polished their craft – but how does anyone find them? It’s a niche market? Over the years many ‘specialist’ have become known by simple endeavours, by word-of-mouth, by social media et al; but mostly nowadays via websites being developed as you read.

We at ‘Farewell-Innovators.UK’ offer an associated reference point at which there is a common bond and friendship of expertise. We wish to generate a group of associates who will use every opportunity to promote the group and associates who can be trusted to take on a bizarre enquiry which one doesn’t come across very often.

A group of associates specialising and working within the death industry