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What is Farewell Innovators?

A group of like minded individuals/companies specialising and working within the death industry.

From inspirational ways of preserving the memory of loved ones to helping organise a full funeral service, Farewell Innovators would love to help.

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For alternative ceremonies, assistance with planning, and ideas to preserve and cherish the memory of loved ones

Welcome to Farewell Innovators, a website which brings together some of the most original, inventive and creative solution providers from the UK to help celebrate the life and passing of your loved ones and also help to preserve their memory in some wonderful ways.

Here you will have the opportunity to browse the details of companies and individuals who can provide unique, thoughtful and beautiful solutions for not only funeral arrangements themselves but also the associated tributes and memorials which follow.

The death of a loved one can be an unquestionably difficult and emotional experience and sometimes the “traditional” options typically available simply do not adequately reflect their personality or your feelings for them. Yet most people are simply unaware of the many alternative and innovative options available to them.

Whether it is ideas for alternative ceremonies and assistance with planning and personalisation of a funeral, or a search for unique ways to preserve and cherish the ashes of a loved one you will find many different options to explore here at Farewell Innovators.

A website of associates specialising and working within the death industry
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